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Introduction to KASB Securities

KASB.com KASB Securities, a platform operating under KASB (Khadim Ali Shah Bukhari), is recognized as a pioneering brokerage service in Pakistan, providing access to the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX). Its mission is to empower investors through comprehensive services aimed at trading facilitation. However, as with any significant player in the financial market, KASB Securities exhibits both commendable qualities and areas needing improvement.

KASB.com Review: Positive and Basic Qualities

Market Accessibility: KASB Securities (KASB.com) excels in offering extensive market accessibility, presenting a broad spectrum of stocks listed on the PSX. This diversity is instrumental for investors aiming to diversify their investment portfolios across various sectors, providing a strategic advantage in portfolio management.

Information Resources: Another area where KASB Securities shines is in its provision of valuable information resources. The platform equips investors with critical tools such as market analyses, stock recommendations, and real-time data. These resources are indispensable for making informed trading decisions, especially for active traders who rely on up-to-the-minute information.

User Interface: The user interface of KASB Securities is designed with the user in mind, catering to both beginners and seasoned traders. Its intuitive navigation system simplifies the process of finding and executing trades, which is a notable strength of the platform.

KASB.com Review: Drawbacks

KASB.com Review
KASB.com Reviews 2

Unauthorized Trades: A significant concern among users is the occurrence of unauthorized trades. This issue raises serious questions about the platform’s security protocols and account management practices, undermining the trust and confidence of its users.

System Performance Issues: The platform is also criticized for its system performance, with users frequently encountering slow response times and system crashes. In the fast-paced environment of stock trading, such technical glitches can have a detrimental impact on trading success.

Communication Gaps: The communication between KASB Securities and its clients is another area that needs improvement. Many users report frustration due to the lack of timely and effective communication, especially when it comes to resolving account issues or seeking support.

Investor Experiences: The cumulative effect of unauthorized trades, system unreliability, and communication issues has led to negative experiences for many investors. These challenges can lead to financial losses and a general erosion of trust in the platform.

Detailed Issues in KASB.com Review

User Interface – The Gateway to Trading Chaos: The desktop application of KASB Securities suffers from a user interface that is both clunky and unintuitive. This poorly designed UI complicates trading rather than facilitating it, leading to delayed trades and missed opportunities.

The Nightmare of Stuck Orders: A glaring flaw in the KASB Securities system is the frequent occurrence of stuck orders in all Android, Apple iPhone and Web Terminal apps . This issue is not only a source of frustration but also results in significant financial losses, highlighting a critical area needing immediate attention.

Customer Support – Adding Insult to Injury: In light of the platform’s shortcomings, effective customer support is crucial. However, KASB Securities’ customer support is found lacking, leaving users without the necessary assistance during critical times.

Mandatory Trader Policy – A Misguided Approach: The mandatory trader policy of KASB Securities, intended to guide clients, has instead restricted them. This inflexible policy can interfere with clients’ trading strategies, adversely affecting their market performance.

KASB.com Review: Live Examples of Drawbacks

TRG and PIOC Cases: Specific instances, such as the TRG and PIOC cases, highlight the platform’s intentional or negligent actions leading to client losses. These actions, including unauthorized trader changes and trade cessations, underscore a disregard for client autonomy and trust.

Excessive Account Exposure and Unauthorized Trades: KASB Securities has been implicated in increasing account exposure limits without client consent and executing unauthorized trades (NCCPL). These practices expose clients to unnecessary financial risks and highlight a lack of ethical trading practices.

Trading via WhatsApp: The unconventional method of trading through WhatsApp, though informal, lacks security and formal record-keeping, which is essential for transparent and dispute-free trading.

Conclusion: KASB.com Review

While KASB Securities offers valuable services for trading on the PSX, its effectiveness is overshadowed by significant drawbacks. Unauthorized trades, technical issues, and inadequate communication are critical areas that KASB Securities needs to address. These issues not only affect investor confidence but also highlight the urgent need for KASB Securities to implement enhanced security measures, improve system reliability, and foster better communication with clients. Potential investors should consider these factors carefully and seek out the most current user experiences or reviews before deciding to engage with KASB Securities’ services. As per NAB in past KASB  used a fake company, Worldtel Asia Limited, later renamed Silk Route Investments, to launder money. This company, registered in the Cayman Islands and operated by a Singaporean national acting as a front for Bokhari, opened five accounts in KASB Bank. Through these accounts, over Rs5 billion was laundered to various countries, including China, Germany, and Iran.

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