Ktrade caused Intentional Loss through Trader Change: In the TRG case, it was observed that KSL/Ktrade/KASB intentionally caused a loss to their client by unilaterally changing the client's trader without any prior notification. This action directly impacted the client's trade, leading to an unnecessary and preventable financial setback of PKR 451,500.


Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) were diligently followed during the appointment of Babar Hanif.
Email and WhatsApp notifications were received from KSL as shown below. 

babar hanif

Email received from KSL as official notification


Since required protocols were not observed in the appointment of Nadeem so KSL tried following cover up attempts.

Ktrade False Claims
False Claims

KSL Claims

PSX meeting on 10th August 2023 KSL claimed following in TRG case.





KSL Claim

Client asked to change his trader

Client Said Unauthorized Trade found in TRG

We Notified client in advance for changing his trader

Client Reply

Denied: No such request made

Denied: I never claimed

Denied: I never received 


KSL Failed to provide any Evidence

KSL Failed to provide any Evidence

KSL Failed to provide any Evidence


False Claim

False Claim

False Claim

 KSL Requested For Evidences 

On multiple platforms asked for evidences as mentioned below. 


Asked for evidences in PSX meeting on 10th August 2023. Minutes are available on recorded line.


Asked for same evidences in email on Fri, Aug 11, 2023 at 10:00 AM. Copy attached


Price History Of TRG From 18th to 19th Jan 2023

trg price hist

TRG Price History

Day's low was 87.82 and my claim is 92.50 => Click for  Source and select date range


With my personal efforts I get Nadeem's number at 3:44pm and placed order for post market at 3:52pm as it was the only chance for me.

Screenshot 20230710 132116

Nadeem Confirming That He is my new trader at 3:52pm

😊BIPL, AKD & KSL - All in one

I might had incurred even greater losses had I not taken the actions I took.




KSL Confess 

In the most recent hearing held on Tuesday, November 7, 2023, KSL acknowledged that they lack additional evidence to support their claim of notifying the client about his trader change. The only piece of evidence available is the screenshot that the client had previously shared with the PSX. This confession by KSL brings a new dimension to the case, highlighting a gap in their communication process and potentially affecting the course of ongoing proceedings.

KSL putting SECP's  Mandatory Compliance Training under serious question.

Participants are encouraged to post their queries or responses directly in this space regarding TRG. Following each submission, our team will ensure that the content is accurately and promptly updated on the corresponding document.

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