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Account Exposure case, According to the guidelines set by the NCCPL, the permissible limit for futures trading is capped at a maximum of 2X the value of a user's securities. In my case, with an account valuation of 1.6 million, the expected trading limit should have been 3.2 million. However, without my consent or prior notification, KSL significantly exceeded this boundary by extending my account's limit to over 17 million. This action not only contravened the established trading limits but also occurred without my explicit authorization, raising serious concerns about the adherence to regulatory standards and the respect for client autonomy in financial decisions.
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Account Net Worth: 1.6m
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Allowed Exposure as 2X:  3.2m
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Actual Exposure :  17+m - 

Unauthorized Expansion of Trading Limit
 Ktrade Critically Breach of NCCPL Guidelines About Account Exposure

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 Monitoring of position limits

Evidences are  provided from ledger below 

account exposure
5 12 22 at 7 15pm

Clear Violation of NCCPL Regulations:

According to the norms established by the National Clearing Company of Pakistan Limited (NCCPL), there exists a stringent cap on futures trading limits, set at twice the value of an investor's securities. This rule is a cornerstone in maintaining the integrity and balance in trading practices.

Disregard for Established Trading Limits in My Account:

In my specific case, with an account valuation of PKR 1.6 million, the permissible trading ceiling, as per NCCPL's guidelines, should have been restricted to PKR 3.2 million. However, Ktrade/KASB/KSL unilaterally expanded this limit to an alarming PKR 17 million. Such an act is not just a marginal crossing of boundaries; it is a significant and flagrant overshoot of the permitted limit.

Absence of Consent and Prior Notification:

The escalation of my trading limit was executed without any form of consent from my side, nor was there any prior notification of such a substantial change. This lack of communication is not only ethically questionable but also potentially violates the principles of transparent client engagement, which are essential in financial dealings.

Implications for Regulatory Compliance and Client Autonomy:

This unauthorized extension of the trading limit raises profound concerns regarding compliance with regulatory standards. It further casts doubt on the respect for client autonomy in financial decisions, a fundamental tenet in the client-broker relationship. Such actions could potentially erode trust and confidence in the financial institution's commitment to adhering to established norms and regulations.

Need for Immediate Redressal and Accountability:

The situation demands an immediate investigation and rectification. It is imperative that Ktrade/KASB/KSL not only acknowledge this breach but also take appropriate steps to realign their practices with the NCCPL guidelines. Furthermore, there must be a system in place to prevent the recurrence of such incidents, thereby safeguarding client interests and upholding the integrity of the trading process.

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