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Ktrade Android App: A Detailed User Experience Review

Background: Ktrade Android App, an app developed for Android devices, is designed for traders looking for a convenient and mobile solution for their trading needs. It’s provided by KASB, known for their competitive low-cost commission structure. However, our recent experience with the app highlighted significant performance issues.

Core Issues:

  1. Performance Lag: The most noticeable issue was the Ktrade Android app’s persistent slowness. This wasn’t a one-off occurrence but a consistent problem every time the app was used.
  2. App Hanging: The Ktrade Android App frequently froze or crashed. This wasn’t limited to any specific function within the app but occurred at various points, whether accessing market data, viewing portfolio, or executing trades.
  3. Impact on Trading: The most critical impact of these performance issues was on trade execution. The delays caused by the app’s sluggishness and hanging meant that orders weren’t executed in a timely manner. In the fast-paced world of trading, even a delay of a few seconds can lead to significantly different market conditions, affecting the profitability of trades.

Financial Implications: The consequences of these technical issues go beyond mere inconvenience. As detailed by KASB.info through various examples, the inability to execute orders promptly due to app performance can lead to substantial financial losses. In scenarios where market conditions are rapidly changing, the time lag introduced by the app’s poor performance can mean the difference between a profitable trade and a significant loss. Considering that KASB markets itself on low-cost commissions, it’s ironic that the inefficiencies of their app could potentially lead to losses that far outweigh the savings on commission fees.

Ktrade Android App A Detailed User Experience Review in detail
Ktrade Android App 4

6 Negative Touchpoints Reported By Users After Experiencing the Ktrade Android App:

  1. Performance Issues: Users frequently report slow app performance, leading to frustration and decreased efficiency and even unwanted losses.
  2. App Stability Concerns: There are recurring complaints about the app hanging or freezing, disrupting user activity and causing inconvenience.
  3. Trading Interruptions: A significant problem mentioned is the app’s tendency to halt trades unexpectedly, which can impact trading strategies negatively.
  4. Unauthorized Transactions: A serious concern raised is the occurrence of unauthorized trades being executed from user accounts, suggesting potential security vulnerabilities.
  5. Inadequate Customer Support: Users describe the customer support as unsatisfactory, labeling it as ‘pathetic’, which indicates a lack of effective assistance and guidance for users.
  6. Unannounced Trader Changes: Clients have expressed displeasure over changes in their assigned traders without prior notification, leading to trust issues and a lack of personalized service continuity.


  1. User Feedback: Users experiencing similar issues are encouraged to report these problems to Ktrade’s customer support. Providing specific details can help the technical team in diagnosing and resolving these issues.
  2. App Updates: Regularly check for and install updates to the Ktrade app. Updates often contain bug fixes and performance improvements that might resolve some of these issues.
  3. Device Compatibility: Ensure that your device meets the Ktrade app’s recommended specifications. Sometimes performance issues are related to older or less capable hardware.

Conclusion: While Ktrade offers the convenience of mobile trading and the appeal of low commission rates, the severe performance issues we experienced significantly diminish its utility. Prospective users should weigh these technical drawbacks against the potential financial risks. It is advisable to consider other trading platforms that offer a more reliable and efficient trading experience. Additionally, it’s important to balance the cost benefits of low commission rates against the potential risks and performance issues of the trading platform. Always considering multiple factors as PSX recommends, including reliability and user experience, when choosing a trading platform can be more beneficial in the long term.

This detailed review provides a comprehensive overview of the issues with the Ktrade Android app, emphasizing the impact on trading efficiency and potential financial risks. Read more on our exclusive Ktrade Review article.

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Ktrade Android App
Ktrade Android App A Detailed User Experience Review

Detailed review of the issues with the Ktrade Android app, emphasizing the impact on trading efficiency and potential financial risks.

Price Currency: PKR

Operating System: Android

Application Category: Financial

Editor's Rating:


  • Only positive we found is that at least Ktrade offers Android App


  • Performance: App's persistent slowness.
  • App Hanging: The app frequently froze or crashed.
  • Impact on Trading: The most critical impact was on trade execution.
  • Poor interphase
  • Poor user experience
  • Poor Support


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