Ktrade Web Terminal Review: Absolutely a Thoughtful User Experience

Ktrade Web Terminal/Ktrade Terminal  Introduction

We analyzed Ktrade Web Terminal: In an era where digital trading platforms are pivotal in the stock market, the performance and reliability of these platforms significantly impact investor success. Ktrade’s Terminal, amid a plethora of trading platforms, promises a seamless trading experience but falls short in multiple aspects. This review provides a critical examination of Ktrade Web Terminal, comparing it with its Android, iOS, and Windows counterparts, and discusses the implications for regulatory oversight.

Comparative Performance of Ktrade’s Terminal

Ktrade’s Web Terminal shows a marginal improvement in performance over its mobile and desktop app versions. The speed of operations, a critical factor in trading, is slightly better, suggesting a more robust backend infrastructure. However, this improvement is overshadowed by persistent issues that plague the platform.

The Persistent Problem of Stuck Orders in Ktrade’s Terminal

One of the most critical issues is the ‘orders stuck‘ problem. In a domain where timing can mean the difference between profit and loss, the inability to execute orders promptly can lead to significant financial repercussions for traders. This problem, prevalent in Ktrade’s other applications, unfortunately, finds its way into the Web Terminal as well, reflecting a systemic issue in Ktrade’s technology.

Ktrade Terminal Review Challenging User Experience
Ktrade Web Terminal Review: Absolutely a Thoughtful User Experience 3

Interface vs. User Experience

While Ktrade’s Web Terminal boasts a relatively good user interface (UI) with a clean and navigable layout, the user experience (UX) falls short. A good UI does not always translate to a positive user experience, especially when critical functionalities fail to perform as expected. The dissonance between the platform’s aesthetic appeal and its operational efficiency creates a frustrating experience for users.

Unauthorized Trades and Trader Change Issues

Ktrade’s Web Terminal is also marred by unauthorized trades, a serious issue that breaches the trust between the trader and the platform. This problem is compounded by the issue of unannounced trader changes. Such practices not only disrupt trading strategies but also raise questions about the platform’s integrity and the security of the users’ investments.

Regulatory Concerns

These issues bring into focus the role of regulatory bodies. The Trading Right Entitlement Certificate (TREC) license, under which Ktrade operates, mandates strict adherence to ethical trading practices. The recurring problems within Ktrade’s Terminal, particularly unauthorized trades and poor user experience, suggest a need for regulatory reevaluation of Ktrade’s TREC license (number 248). This reassessment is crucial to protect investor interests and maintain market integrity.


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  1. TRG Case - Intentional Loss through Trader Change: In the TRG case, it was observed that KSL/KASB/Ktrade intentionally caused a loss to their client by unilaterally changing the client's trader without any prior notification. This action directly impacted the client's trade, leading to an unnecessary and preventable financial setback of PKR 451,500.
  2. PIOC Case - Loss through Unauthorized Trade Stopping: In the PIOC case, KSL/KASB/Ktrade deliberately caused a loss to their client by sending an email to Babbar Hanif, instructing the cessation of trade, again without notifying the client. This unexpected intervention in the trading process highlights a serious breach of protocol and client trust. Client lost PKR 640,830
  3. Unauthorized Trades by KSL/KASB/Ktrade: There have been instances where KSL/KASB/Ktrade executed unauthorized trades in a client's account. This unauthorized activity not only breaches the trust between the client and KSL but also exposes the client to unforeseen financial risks and liabilities. Client lost estimated PKR 750,000
  4. Excessive Account Exposure: KSL/KASB/Ktrade has been noted to increase account exposure limits up to 10X, significantly exceeding the allowed 2X limit, without seeking consent from the client. This overextension poses a grave risk to the client’s financial stability and contravenes established trading norms. Client lost estimated PKR 1200,000
  5. Trading via WhatsApp: It has been witnessed that trades with KSL/KASB/Ktrade were conducted through WhatsApp. This unconventional and informal method of trading lacks the necessary security and formal record-keeping, potentially leading to disputes and misunderstandings.
  6. Losses Due to Order Stuck in System: Clients have experienced substantial losses due to the order stuck issue in KSL's trading system. This technical flaw in the system not only hinders smooth trading operations but also leads to financial losses for the clients due to delayed or unexecuted orders. Client lost estimated PKR 850,000
  7.  Losses Due to Unauthorized Trades in the Ready Market: On the 20th of December, 2023, KSL/KASB/Ktrade conducted additional unauthorized trades in the ready market on behalf of a client, a move that resulted in a staggering loss exceeding 5 million. This action, taken without the client's consent or knowledge, not only represents a serious breach of trust and professional ethics but also led to significant financial damage. Such unauthorized activities raise critical concerns about the integrity of KSL's trading practices and the need for stringent oversight to protect clients from unwarranted financial exposure. Client lost additional 2,450,000+


The Ktrade Web Terminal, despite its slightly improved speed and good UI, offers a subpar user experience marred by significant operational issues. The persistent problems of orders getting stuck, unauthorized trades, and unannounced trader changes paint a picture of a platform that struggles to meet the basic requirements of a reliable trading tool. In light of these issues, it is imperative for regulatory bodies to reevaluate Ktrade's license to ensure that it aligns with the standards expected in the financial trading industry. For traders, a cautious approach is advised when considering the Ktrade Terminal as their trading platform of choice.

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This article offers a critical overview of the Ktrade Web Terminal, highlighting its shortcomings in comparison to other versions and the implications for users and regulators. It's a condensed version of the in-depth analysis you're aiming for but captures the essential aspects of the user experience challenges and regulatory concerns.

Ktrade Terminal Review Navigating Through a Challenging User Experience

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