About the developer Kashif Mukhtar

Beginning my journey on Freelancer, Upwork, and Fiverr, I transitioned from a Writer and Entrepreneur to the forefront of successful digital media enterprises. My contributions have been recognized on esteemed platforms such as Google Scholar and Academia, and I have achieved best-seller status on Amazon Kindle.

Kashif Mukhtar epitomizes excellence in the realms of WordPress web development, web speed optimization, and digital marketing, notably known for his "Digital Dominance" through organic SEO strategies. With a Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS) Honors and a Google Digital Marketing Certification, Kashif has established himself as a digital virtuoso, boasting a portfolio of over 400 satisfied clients.

Kashif Mukhtar Digital Marketer


Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS) Honors

  • Degree: BCS (Hons.)
  • Focus Areas: Web Development, Programming, Systems Analysis, Network Architecture, and Database Management.
    Kashif's technical prowess stems from his comprehensive background in computer science, equipping him with the essential skills for web development and IT solutions.

Google Certified Digital Marketer

  • Certification: Google Digital Marketing Certified
  • Specializations: Digital Marketing Strategies, SEO, PPC Advertising, Content Marketing, and Social Media Marketing.
    This certification underscores Kashif's adeptness with Google's marketing tools, driving noteworthy marketing achievements.


Web Speed Optimization
  • Approach: Implementation of caching, content optimization, and CDNs to enhance web performance.
    Kashif's focus on optimizing web speed significantly elevates the user experience and search engine rankings.

Digital Marketing & Organic SEO

  • Strategy: Advocating for organic growth via sustainable SEO practices.
  • Results: Enhanced visibility, web traffic, and conversion rates, a testament to Kashif's strategic SEO utilization for improved online presence and business success.

WordPress Web Development

  • Clients Served: Over 400
  • Services: Tailored WordPress site design and development, alongside theme and plugin customization.
    Kashif's proficiency ensures the delivery of aesthetically pleasing, highly functional, and bespoke websites.

Fiverr Success

  • Username: elegancy
  • Achievements: Renowned as a top-level seller with 350+ five-star ratings.
    Under the moniker "elegancy," Kashif's stellar Fiverr performance highlights his dedication to quality, client satisfaction, and reliability in digital services.
  • Kashif Mukhtar's journey as a "Google Certified Digital Marketer" is marked by relentless dedication, innovative solutions, and a track record of digital excellence, solidifying his status as a sought-after expert in the digital domain. Write to Kashif

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